Facebook Registered New Company ‘Libra’ On Cryptocurrency

The current big social media the Facebook registered a new company "Libra Networks" in Geneva city of Switzerland. This coincides with the moderate take off of their inner digital money (cryptocurrency) that will characterize the organization's first foray into blockchain innovation.

According to Reuters

"Libra Networks, with Facebook Global Holdings as a stakeholder, was registered in Geneva on May 2 to provide financial and technology services and develop related hardware and software, plans submitted on the Swiss register reveal."

- Facebook, the owner of Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram whose social network has more than 2 billion users, immediately comment on Libra Networks, which will focus on “investing, payments, financing, identity management, analytics, big data, blockchain, and other technologies.”

The United States Senate banking committee ask some questions via an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO): Check it

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