Ameriacn Nike & Cryptocurrency

American multinational shoes organization Nike Inc. submitted for a brand with america Patent and Hallmark Office (USPTO) for the word "cryptokicks". What this means that, according for some in the crypto community, is the fact that Nike may have plans to establish some type of a cryptocurrency by this name.

This assumption is further fueled by the details of the application form, filed this Apr, available to the general public on USPTO's website (seek out "cryptokicks".) What could be known from it is the fact that Nike is likely to offer "financial services, particularly, providing an electronic money or digital token for use by associates of your on-line community."

The application form is packed with details and it further mentions cryptocurrency software and hardware wallets, that is: "downloadable software applications for controlling cryptocurrency deals using blockchain technology; Downloadable mobile applications for providing usage of crypto-collectibles, crypto-art and request tokens; downloadable software for use in electronically trading, storing, mailing, receiving, acknowledging and transmitting digital money, and handling digital currency repayment and exchange deals [...]," among a great many other requirements for a possible future finances.

Furthermore, it appears that Nike would be creating a web based marketplace for purchasers and vendors of digital money assets, featuring boots and clothing, as well as a site that could feature online bulletin planks, forums, boards, sites, entertainment services, such as an video game, etc.

A trademark law legal professional and creator of Gerben Lawyer, Josh Gerben, appears to be the first ever to notice the brand application:

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