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Being an awesome platform for trading, Oinvest has a variety of customers with different requirements. Due to this, the platform offers different account tiers. Traders in each tier are placed according to their trading volume and the amount of the invest
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Oinvest is a smart online trading platform providing secure trading of financial assets. It is fairly new considering that it was established back in 2018, based in South Africa. Oinvest particularly specializes in providing Contracts for Difference (CFDs) to its traders under a safe and secure environment. As Oinvest recently came into being, there aren’t that many claims regarding its reliability but it is quite useful from what has been concluded up till now.

About Oinvest:

The company is owned by Aronex Cooperation LTD, managed by Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles, with license number SD014. Oinvest is one of the leading online platforms for trading. It provides its services to thousands of investors online, increasing the trading Opportunites among them. More than 350+ trading instruments are there for the investors that include forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency. Each person working at Oinvest is a professional and is working the best to serve the community of the traders. The most liked platform online has always provided the best to its users.

Tiers and Accounts:

Being a specialized platform for trading, Oinvest has a variety of users with different requirements. Due to this, the platform offers different account tiers. Traders in each tier are placed according to their trading volume and the amount of the investment. Higher trading volume and amount of investment will land them in a high tier.

The following are the three tiers offered by Oinvest.

  • Silver
  • Gold

The main difference between the tiers is the spread level and leverage level. The platinum tiers offer the highest leverage and the lowest spread while silver the lowest.

There are additional services that vary in each tier like swap discount, webinar, and audios, news alerts, etc.

Along with these accounts, Oinvest offers a special Islamic account. Islamic account follows all rules by shariah providing totally halal services to their Islamic customers. Islamic account does not have any swap or rollover interest for the trades. The user can register a simple account and then mail the support team for its conversion into Islamic account. In the case of false information, the account will be canceled. As for the fees, no fee is charged for the conversion of the account. It is totally free.


The trading platform at Oinvest:

Trading Platform

The trading platform used at Oinvest is called MetaTrader 4 which is powerful and the most popular trading platform on the internet. The MetaTrader 4 has a dedicated app for Android and IOS along with its highly functional windows application. MT4 features rich options for trading which makes the process simple and quick. It features powerful analysis of prices, trends, and quick trades.

Another option users have is the online web application by the Oinvest called WebTrader. Now, trades are possible online with no download requirements having plenty of features like live charts, trading cubes, visual trends. You can register for 14 days demo account for the WebTrader at Oinvest.

The following are the key features of MetaTrader 4:

  • Broad technical analysis: 9 timeframes and 30 indicators make the recognition of the trend fast and easy.
  • Easy execution orders: 3 execution modes for making trading flexible.
  • One-click trade: Easily trade using the click chart with just one click.


Payment options at Oinvest:

Oinvest offers a wide range of payment options for their users that can be used for cash withdrawal and deposits. At Oinvest you can choose your payment options from the following list.

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Vpay
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Special features for the traders:

Oinvest provides its traders with a special education section for improving their trading skills. This section offers rich content like videos on-demand, highly informative ebooks, and specialized courses targeted at a specific skill set. The section also has mini-tutorial videos for various topics related to the trading.

The videos on demand are ranked from beginner to advanced. The section is beautifully sorted and provides training from well-known market experts. Moreover, the website has an economic calendar that is used to monitor the on-going market trends.

Currency Pair details:

  • The website has rich detailed information about major pairs. From forex to crypto everything is listed on the webpage. There are more than 60 crypto pairs on the site.
  • The best offerings for more than 50 top currency pairs on the forex, are on the
  • Oinvest has listed the stocks for the US market, the European market and the Australian market for the users.
  • They offer trading on the most interesting commodities like gold, oil, natural gas,

Customer care:

The company features highly functional and professional staff for customer care. They answer all of the customers’ questions through their helpline or email. The staff working in the customer care department is fast and responsive.  The company has a dedicated helpline and you can contact the support team  Monday-Friday 3 AM-2 PM GMT.

If you want to contact them on their email then the provided email addresses are Docs@oinvest.com and support@oinvest.com. Moreover, there is a contact form on their website which you can fill with the relevant details and they will contact you as soon as possible.


Oinvest is an overall pretty good tool for traders looking for a safe and secure environment for their dealings and actions. It provides its customers with all the relevant services and products for their use. It might not come off as safe as other brokers of the same sort that are based in other places like Europe, USA, etc. but is most definitely more secure than other unregulated brokers in similar areas. The best part about it is that it caters to the customer’s needs and provides a robust system for proper handling of services which is quite admirable and trustworthy.

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