Top 10 BestForex Discussion Forums - 2021

If you're thinking about joining a Forex Forum then you have landed in the right place. In forex trading, you must be aware of the ongoing market. You might wanna know other people's opinion. Some FX traders are like to talk about the market which encourage to make a right entry. Forex forums are great place for you to know market flow.

forex forum info

How Forex Forum Help Traders?

Definitely forums are worthy.  In a nutshell, a forum is a community, so it helps to grow up with your knowledge, it always makes things easy to sense complex parts.

Do you know? A lot of brokers are caught by traders and they share their experience to traders. If you want to avoid these scumbags then forum is for you. Forum is helpful for anyone who wants to choose the best forex broker, market news update, technical analysis and free forex signals.

Also, you can use for debates, sharing your ideas, opninion, thoughts, and may ask question to get solutions.

For your reference, being informed that over 700 Forex forums around the world. But all are the communites not effective because users are inactive, posts are not informative and no update infromation.

You need to bookmark active forex community, where people share their broker news, ideas, thoughts, no deposit forex bonus and one of the major things is that you can really learn something.

Top 10 Forex Forums of 2021

forex factory forum

Forex Factory Forum our #1 pick

Forex factory is a highly active forum and trader base good reputation. They provide effective analysis and market news, big market data, dependable Forex calendar, and broker updates. It was launched in 2004. Nowadays, the forum have 9 categories whiche covered all topics.

Website: Visit ForexFactory

babypips forum

Baby Pips - Forex amateur's focus

It's a great educational forum. Baby Pips is a beginner to professional forum. Beginner can asks something easily and a lot of experts avaiable there, experts gives fast soluation to help beginners. Babypips separates the basics of Forex into a simple to learn to free instructional class. In case, you're new to Forex or realize someone keen on learning, they have a place there.

Website: Visit BabyPips

earnforex forum

Earn Forex - Serving traders since 2005

It's an another world's top Forex forum, its offer nothing strange. This forum allow to discuss the Meta Trader and expert advisors. EarnForex forum have a commercial contents section where you can post for your business. The commercial section allow single post in a day. The forum have 20 categories to cover all topics. What's a more, sub-forum in non-English dialects, such as, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian.

Website: Visit EarnForex

mt5 traders community

MT5 Forum Community Free Online Earning 

It's an official community for MetaTrader user. You can get exclusive market news & forecasts. It allow to post your independent opinion and communication between traders. The MT5 can give you much a measure of data you need.

Website: Visit MT5 Community

Trade2Win Community Forums

This forum faithful to traders. Trade2Win is divided into many sub-categories such as  beginner, trading method, commercial platform, trading careers, and market analysis news. It have over three thousand active members, and about 600 trading articles! The community is becoming more popular day by day.

Website: Visit Trade2Win - Information - MQL4

It is also for Meta trader users, MT4 official user's discussion forum. It's owned and operated by the mql5 authoirty. In MQL4 forum, the greatest part of the talk is particularly about Mql4 programming for signals, strategies and automated trading. This much if you want to learn more something new about it, then no doubt it's one of the best resources for you.

Website: Visit MQL4 is a group of 100,000+ financial traders

It's a one of the different coumminity. It divided into many categories and group, which is directly sponsored by giant companies! It's well known for stock discussion, Cryptocurrency, and index futures.

Website: Visit EliteTrader

Myfxbook - AutoTrade - Automated Forex Trading

MyFxBook is most popular for managing accounts, it's an online automated analytical tool for a trading account. They provides social trading platform and copy trading service.

Website: Visit MyFxBook

Forex Peace Army, is one of the better known FX trading sites and forums

It's another well reputed forum for Forex broker reviews, discussion and free trading Education.

Website: Visit PeaceArmy

Forex Signals - Best Forex Trading Signals and Strategies

Mr. McDonald was launched it in May 2012. They have over 40,000 members. It has mainly 2 category. It will help you with reliable Forex signals. It offfers a uniqe live trading room.

Website: Visit ForexSignals

Notice: We provide forum list here based on activity, a great deal of experienced and novice traders. A ton of trading strategies and much more learning soluation. Also based on Forex news, calendar, and many capabilites.

Know Everything About Forex Forums

A Forum is must useful for anyone but participation a forum need to join by registration or sign-up.

It is one of the most important things to read the terms and conditions of each every forum for a basic guidelines about what is acceptable and what is the mission o the community.

important information

On the most Forums have some general terms and conditions like:

  • Respect another member and keep your language confined be a gentleman.
  • Attention to a post of the most relevant section else it will remove.
  • Please don't post wrong information and an unusual link and don't try to spam, to post, copy the content, any other languages which don't accept this community, otherwise, you may ban or get warning point!
  • Don't post any kind of affiliate links and adverts outside of the commercial area.
  • Don't post any adult or pornographic content, images, and video in any section of this community, you will ban!
  • Please use the search box before to post a new topic.
  • Don't create many or alternate accounts, you will be ban!
  • Please don't post all word bold, capital, capitalized, inverse and largest font size.
  • All these terms and rules should change as per as company police without any notice.
  • Your post and reply will edit as per as community terms and condition.
  • Now if you would like to join or participate, our community you can start your registration or sign-up process with all correct information. And click the check-box to agree with us [“you agree with the terms and condition/rule"].

All these are basic conditions to join any community. Many communities have more than rules, it depends on them, so please read first terms and condition or rules carefully.

There are also many forums have in the post-approval system; some time it depends on the member profile.

Forex Forum Management Structure

forum management structure

A Forum subsists on a like a tree structure. It could divide into many Sub-forums or categories to discussing the most relevant topic. A Forum managed by members, moderators, and admin. Many Forums have one kind of thread which could visit guest means an unregistered person and some thread couldn't visit.

What is Forum Member?

You already understood that agreed with forum terms and condition and registered or create an account, he or she is calling a forum member. Be not?

What is Forum Moderator?

A person is in charge and reviews community to make sure flexibility and keep clean, managed and protected community from spam. In an online community, a Moderator can manage members thread by including, update, delete, and move (right section) information. A moderator advantage, posts, and threads renaming, pinned thread, suspend, and sustain, banned, and append, warning and notice to members.

The Moderator also answers members general question and respond to any members complain.

A community moderator is the main duty to manage the community.

What is Forum Admin?

Admin is a short form of the Administrator. He or she managed all technical things on site to run well. They can manage members and moderators, could promote and demote, also can create a Sub-forum. The Administrator makes rules and can change or delete. An Administrator also a regular moderator.

A more common feature

A forum called a web application, in every forum, has one good feature, it's a private message (short form PM) system. This way you can send your message to other members, moderators, and admin.

If I missed anything, let us know your opinion and you can ask any question through the comment!

Remember! Forex is one of the biggest markets in the world for currency trading. Hard work and good experience will give you more confidence.

Happy trading!

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