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Gold maintains gains after the ECB decides to cut interest rates in the Eurozone

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Gold's Upward Momentum After ECB Rate Cut


Gold prices have experienced an uptick following the European Central Bank's (ECB) decision to lower interest rates. This move, along with expectations of a potential Fed rate cut, has bolstered the yellow metal's appeal as a haven asset.

Factors Driving Gold's Rise

  • Interest Rate Expectations: Elevated expectations persist that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will reduce interest rates in September, despite upbeat US service sector data. This expectation supports gold's value, as lower interest rates diminish the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding assets.
  • Global Interest Rate Cuts: The BoC and ECB have recently implemented interest rate cuts, and speculation is growing that the SNB may follow suit. These actions create a favorable environment for gold.
  • Anticipation of Lower Rates: Investors are actively anticipating a decline in interest rates, with a 69% probability estimated for a rate reduction in September. This anticipation is based on data from the CME FedWatch tool.

Technical Analysis

  • Breakout from Range: Gold has broken out of the range bound between $2,315 and $2,358, casting doubt on the short-term downtrend.
  • Target Price: The breakout projects a target price of $2,385, based on the 0.618 Fibonacci extrapolation.
  • Trendline Support: A move above $2,375 would reinforce the likelihood of reaching the target price.
  • Downside Risk: A move back within the range and then below $2,315 would reactivate downside targets.

Factors to Monitor

  • US Employment Data: The NFP report is expected to reveal a 185K job increase in May. However, recent data has dampened optimism, potentially weighing on the USD and bolstering gold's value.
  • US Dollar Movement: A weak US Dollar typically contributes to gold gains.
  • Technical Considerations: A prolonged move below the $2,315 range low would indicate a potential bearish reversal.

Gold's Role in Portfolio Management

  • Safe-Haven Asset: Gold is widely viewed as a safe-haven asset, which can bolster portfolios during periods of market volatility.
  • Inflation Hedge: Gold is often perceived as a hedge against inflation and currency depreciation.
  • Long-Term Trend: Gold's medium and long-term trends remain bullish, suggesting a continued upside potential.


Why Invest in Gold?

  • Store of value and medium of exchange
  • Safe-haven asset during uncertain times
  • Hedge against inflation and currency depreciation

Largest Gold Holders

  • Central banks
  • Aim to diversify reserves and enhance currency strength
  • Emerging economies are significantly increasing their Gold reserves


  • Inverse correlation with US Dollar and US Treasuries
  • Inverse correlation with risk assets

Factors Influencing Gold Price

  • Geopolitical instability
  • Interest rates
  • US Dollar valuation

Table: Gold's Recent Price Movement

Date Price
June 6, 2024 $2,360s
June 5, 2024 $2,320s
May 15, 2024 $2,400s
April 20, 2024 $2,520s

Bottom Line

The ECB's interest rate cut has contributed to gold's recent gains, which are further supported by expectations of a Fed rate reduction. The yellow metal's breakout from its recent range suggests a potential reversal of the downtrend. Investors should monitor factors such as US employment data and the US Dollar's movement to gauge the sustainability of gold's upward momentum.

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