National Grid Aims For 'net Zero' Emissions In U.S. By 2050

(Reuters) - Britain's National Grid (L:NG) (N:NGG) on Friday pledged to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in its U.S. operations by 2050, including from operations and emissions resulting from the sale of electricity and gas.

The energy company, which serves more than 20 million customers through its networks in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, said it has identified 10 areas to focus on, including reducing demand through energy efficiency and demand response, decarbonizing the gas network through use of renewable natural gas and hydrogen, reducing methane emissions and investing in large-scale carbon management.

Amid a groundswell of public pressure for climate action, companies, sectors and countries worldwide have trumpeted new pledges, from setting net-zero emissions targets to declaring carbon neutrality in specific time frames.

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