Grand Capital Africa Has Hit 50000 Subscribers On Telegram

Communication is key—that’s why the members of our team make an effort to be always in touch with the clients, take care of all their issues firsthand and offer valuable pieces of advice. One such channel has just hit an important milestone: Grand Capital Africa, a Telegram page run by our Director of Development Goutam Das, has grown into a community of 50,000!

He’s been providing insightful commentary on the financial markets and solving issues of his clients on this channel for quite some time, and now he’s happy to see the positive feedback.

We want to thank all the subscribers for their trust and support! Goutam will continue to provide you with the most up-to-date information to help all African traders understand the market better and succeed in trading. Any African client can join Grand Capital Africa on Telegram and take advantage of the channel and the benefits it offers for free.

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