AGEA Bitcoin Live Prediction Contest 2021

AGEA monthly social media contest – the broker announced a free bitcoin prediction contest. Predict the closest price of Bitcoin, leave a comment under the post on social media, and get the best prediction of Bitcoin value price $50, this prize can be withdrawn. 

AGEA Bitcoin Contest

Connect Affixe: Guess Bitcoin Price, Win $50

Contest time and duration:  The contest is opens each month. 

Registration: Traders can register at any time.

Contest time: Beginning of every month, follow their social channel to get update.

Winning factors:

  • Guess Bitcoin prize and comment in the comment box on AGEA’s official Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin profile before voting closes.

Contest prizes: Only one winner place. Bitcoin value price $50.

Accessible to: All old and new clients.

Withdrawal: You can withdraw your profits.

How to participate?

  • Create an account, if you don't have one.
  • Veriy fyour account.
  • Follow AGEA's social media pages.
  • Guess Bitcoin prize and comment in the comment box on social channels.

Terms and conditions:

  • The contest will announced on AGEA's  official Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin profile.
  • In case there are two winning answers – two people have given the price that has the same difference from the expected price, the winning answer would be the one that was posted first.
  • You can comment multiple times.
  • The closest predictioner will win the price.
  • General terms and conditions apply.

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