650% TRADABLE BONUS By Capital Street FX

Earn a 650% Instant Deposit Bonus, by simply opening an account with CSFX (Capital Street FX), and depositing a minimum of $1000. There is a few simple steps to get the offer. Before going for this offer make sure you read and understood all terms of the offer carefully.


Advantage: 650% TRADABLE BONUS

Connect Affix: Get now

Available to: All new clients.

Bonus Time: Running.

Closure Time: Not declared yet.

How to apply for this offer:

  • Create an account(If new)
  • Verify your profile.
  • Make a deposit and get bonus

Bonus Terms:

  • The bonus is only for new clients.
  • The minimum deposit is $1000.
  • The Bonus can be applied to non-ECN accounts only.
  • The maximum bonus is applicable for $10000.
  • Under the terms of the promotion, trading strategies including, but not limited to the below are strictly
    1. Scalping
    2. Hedging
    3. All Forms Of Trading Arbitrage
    4. Expert Advisors
    5. Algorithmic Trading
    6. High Frequency Trading
    7. Latency Arbitrage
    8. News/Event Arbitrage
    9. Swap/Rollover Arbitrage
    10. Trading volume spikes around/during volatile/thin markets OR for completion of volume requirements
  • The maximum term of the bonus is 1 month.
  • General terms apply.

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