G/U Ready For Hitting More Long? Check Recent UK Releases

After anouncing that fully immunized people might abandon their face masks by CDC (Center for Disease Control), the US is getting back to normal as COVID-19 cases drop. People who hesitate to take up vaccines it will boost their activity, no doubt.

American Inflation rate is too hight that might impact financial markets. Like Consumer Price Index to 4.2% yearly and Core CPI to 3% YoY. Yet it is not certain how much hikes we'll see in prices.

In the UK, GBP is in strong side after new GDP data as well as Scotish election result is good for sterling.

GBP Forex

The technical candles on Monthly, Weekly and Daily is bullish although some may argue a hammer down from resistance.
Thursday s failure to get back under 1.4 and Fridays break back above 4080, again Friday's Dly candle was bullish. The possible reflection is likely this Weekly is going to bull.

A break above .4130s resistance as early as Monday or Tuesday and this momentum could make .42 new support as early as this week.

If .4130s doesnt break in this same momentum then market could go short for 1.36 ~~




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